A team of highly skilled security professionals with backgrounds in enterprise application development, cloud architecture and security come together to provide a wholistic approach to information security.


Vulnerability Assessments

Evaluate an organizations digital landscape and search for security weaknesses that may affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of its assets and intellectual property

Incident Response

Investigate intrusions and attacks to identify all potential data loss and the requirements to remove adversary access

Compliance and Governance

Lead your organization through compliance frameworks. Identifying and reporting on all gaps to achieve compliance in PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other industry standard regulatory frameworks

Risk Assessments

Objective analysis of the security controls effectiveness that protect an organization’s assets and determination of the loss probability to critical assets

Web Application Security

Simulate an attack against an application to determine the effectiveness of its security controls and identify security issues which compromise application integrity

Code Analysis

Manual inspection of source code to pinpoint deficiencies in security controls and identification of development errors that violate best practices or could lead to security vulnerabilities

Cloud Security

Security assessment of the underlying cloud infrastructure and application architecture to ensure proper security configuration and best practices are in place

API Security

API endpoints exposed by a service or web application are manually reviewed and fuzzed using sample API requests

Mobile Application Security

Uncover security issues and information discosures within iOS and Android mobile applications and server-side resources


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